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Alamo Valley Auto Sales has been in business for the past fifteen years and define our success by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Please allow me to help you find the car, truck, van or trailer that fits your needs.





Tony LoBretto

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I have grown up, attended school and have raised my family in our small rural community of Alamo. In a small community like ours you know everyone and their children. To sell cars you have to be fair and honest with each sale. If not, word gets around quickand you're not in business long. After working part time with a friends dealership buying and selling cars I decided to leave my job in a machine shop and open my own dealership in June of 1997. I remain a one man operation trying to provide good dependable cars for $4995 and under. I do the majority of the work myself including; thje buying, selling, reconditioning and all the paperwork. The biggest question I askwhen a vehicle is ready to sell is "would I let my 16 year old daughter drive this car and feel she would be safe"

Each year a range of between 75 and 110 cars are sold at my dealership with many repeat customers. Some have bought 3 or 4 cars in the 15 years that I have been in business. Our small community is very supportive of all the local businesses. In 2002 when our economy started slowing I added both open and enclosed trailers to my inventory. The trailers have added traffic to my store, but cars and trucks are still the main focus of sales. I will never be the richest car dealer in the state, but that's not my goal anyway. Cars have been a love of mine since childhood and I have always enjoyed working on them. Being in business has allowed me to make friends and contacts that help with the community events we support.

The fire department takes up a good share of our spare time. Not only are there the fire and rescue calls and training to attend to, but many fund raisers to provide financial support to the fire association. Each year the fire association does two days of pancake breakfast at the local race track for the biggest event at the year end, we have not missed that in 25 years. The fire association also has the opportunity to do 50/50 raffles throughout the race season that we support. The last several years the local haunt park has offered the fire association an opportunity to work a couple of their nights as spooks; they donate half of the proceeds on these nights to the fire association, another event we do not miss. Halloween is a busy and fun time for the department as we also provide a candy check and open house on Halloween night for the community. The funds that are raised throughout the year by the fire association help provide support for the fire department to make equipment purchases and fund special projects. This past three years one of the fire association special projects has been to adopt 5 to 10 families at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. We do canned food drives and raise funds to provide a hot meal for the holiday, along with food and enough other essential provisions to last for several weeks. It is a very gratifying experience to see the positive effects this has on the lives of those who are struggling during hard times in our community. The children get so excited when Santa arrives to deliver the Christmas food and a little something special for under their tree.

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